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20 Tips for a day the beach with a baby!

Posted by on in Just for fun
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Plan it right and you could happily spend a day at the beach with your baby! Yes, you need to worry about the heat and sunburn, but nothing that SPF, shade, hats and a little preparation can't fix!



1. Bring an inflatable pool with shade for playtime.

Playing in the sand should theoretically be a great sensory activity for your tot but many babies and older toddlers just don't care much for sand, and you may not care much for sand eating! Grab a super cheap inflatable pool from any of the local Supermarkets (along with a pump or you'll be huffing and puffing for a while) and use that to keep your baby in a sand free spot or contain a new crawler in one spot (it won't last long though- they'll figure it out!).


2. Your key to sand-free hands.

Bring a small hand towel along. Dampen it and hang it from one of the rods on your beach umbrella. Trust us, it'll be a life saver for wiping down little hands and faces when your tots decide to eat and/or face plant directly into the sand.


3.  Pack your laundry basket.

Pack your gear in a laundry basket, line it with an extra soft beach towel and you've got a bassinet on the beach!


4. Contain your crawler.

This hack has been all-over Pinterest, probably because it works like a dream! Pack an old fitted bed sheet. At the beach, turn it upside down and place one bag or cooler in each of the four corners to keep the sheet extended. It'll naturally create sides that can act as a barrier to sand, and hopefully keep your baby on the move from exploring the whole shore.


5. Pre-freeze snacks.

If your baby is eating solid foods, freeze a couple of her favorite pouches the night before. Then, as they warm up on the beach, they'll be a great chilly, slushy consistency to help keep your baby cool, hydrated and feeling full. This works for older kids too – makes for great smoothies and slushies!


6. Fill a sock with cornstarch.

One of baby's least favorite things is being wiped – because let's face it, sand paper and baby soft skin do not go together! Make your life easier by placing a damp sock on your hand and using corn starch to help remove sand from baby's precious skin.


7. Spray away the heat.


Bring a small spray bottle so that you can spray baby to help keep them cool whenever baby is looking warm. The breeze will help cool them off and after the first spritz or two, they will love the game!


8. Roll your load.

Taking a baby to the beach for a day, might look to some like you're setting up camp for a week. Make your life a little easier and bring your wagon or jogging stroller so that you don't have to carry baby along with the four other beach bags, cooler, umbrella and chairs you've got with you. Hint: Dragging strollers backwards is easier than pushing them forward in the sand.


9. Use a pop-up tent with shade for naps.

Plan on staying on the sand all day? Consider buying a small pop-up tent so that baby can sleep in a cozy spot away from the sun.


10. Apple cider vinegar please!

Despite our best efforts, sometimes babies get a little pink from the sun. Even when keeping them covered with UPF-treated bathing attire and using loads of sunscreen, if baby gets sunburnt, add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to her bath that night. Apple cider vinegar has been said to help with itching and treating the burns.


11. Chill your sunscreen.

After you lather your little in sunscreen before heading to the beach, stick the sunscreen in the cooler. That way when you re-apply, you'll be helping to cool down her body temperature too.


12. Keep a cool washcloth stash.

If it's a warm summer day, stick a few damp washcloths in with the cooler with your drinks. They won't be sandy and can help cool baby down quickly.


13. Save your money on beach toys.

Newsflash – the beach IS a toy! So lucky for you, many expensive beach toys are not needed. A simple bucket and shovel set is all you need, and a little watering can is nice to have.


14. Use a mesh laundry bag for toys.

Since you love the sand, but you don't want to bring it home with you, use a mesh laundry bag to store those buckets and shovels. The sand will naturally fall out of the bag.


15. Go big on hats.

Keeping baby safe from the sun should be your number one priority when at the beach. Bring a hat that not only covers your baby's head, but also her ears and neck. Consider buying a hat that has SPF for extra protection.


16. Create a breeze.

If it's not a windy day down by the shore, use a battery-powered mini-clip fan and connect it to your umbrella. This is a sure way to keep the breeze going and keep your baby's temperature down.


17. Say "bye-bye sand," with baby powder.


Gone are the days of scrubbing your little one tirelessly to remove sand. If you don't have cornstarch for the tip from above (see #6), try sprinkling talc-free baby powder on sandy skin and watch the sand come off.


18. Frozen drinks

Freeze water and juice bottles the night before. They will slowly thaw out through the day making for gloriously refreshing drinks and will help keep your snacks cool!


19. Dress for no-sunburn success.

You can't be too careful, lather up the sunscreen, re-apply often and throw in some UV protective clothing and swimming gear to make double sure your precious cargo is safe!


20. Leave the diaper bag at home!

Yes, take a bag, just not your gorgeous diaper bag that you'll need as soon as you're off the beach. Which ever bag you choose will be full of sand in every nook an cranny and you don't won't to rushed to clean it out. Pick a cheap, over –sized beach bag and pack all your goodies in Ziplocs to minimize the mess!


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