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Issue #25
May 5, 2015

Getting Ready for the Next School Year

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Move over, spring - summer is coming! But before we head for our much deserved summer break we hurdle on what happens next: your child moving to the big school, your toddler now ready for nursery? Choosing the right school or nursery is an important matter and not always an easy one. We have put together some tips for you to take into consideration when going on the school hunt. In addition, we give you some ‘behind the scenes’ insight into what it means to be the Dean of Students at school.


To round things up we’ve highlighted again for you the many fun events, workshops and activities coming up this month. And with Mother's Day only a blink away, we've pulled together some ideas to help inspire you to come up with a game plan to wow the special lady in a major way!



How To Pick The Right School


Every year millions of parents make choices about their children’s schools. Whether you choose a school proactively or not, the effects on your child will be considerable. During the long school year, your child will spend more time in school and related activities than in any other task beside sleep. School matters. The school you choose for your child and how you interact with that school, matter too.


How frustrating, then, that parents have so little guidance to make this critical decision. We’re here to help! Based on the best available research and personalised with experiences of real children and families we have put together a few tips to take into consideration when going on the big hunt to find the right school for your child.


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The Dean Of Students 

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The Dean of Students is part of students’ growth and development and are also expected to handle disciplinary issues. But what exactly does a Dean of Students do and what challenges does he face? We spoke with David Webster-Gardiner from a US Curriculum Private School who gave us some ‘behind the scenes’ insight.


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Preparing Kids for School


Starting school is a huge milestone in a child's development. Even if your child is not in school yet, you can still have a positive effect on their education and prepare them for school success. Your child's educational experience in preschool or kindergarten will be better if he or she is well-prepared to start learning. 


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Celebrating All Lovely Moms on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just ahead and it's such a special day for moms everywhere. Here we offer some creative ways plus our Pinterest board to help you prepare something special for mommy!


    Newsletter ALice

'Alice in Wonderland On Ice' 

A dazzling ice skating show following the classic story of Alice in Wonderland and her epic journey through a fantasy world of exhilarating adventures and magical friends.

     Newsletter CincoDeMayo Small

Enjoying Cinco De Mayo in Mexican Style

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. Check out these fun ideas to bring a little Mexican flair to your home - from sombreros to pinatas! 

    Newsletter-Teacher Appreciation Day

Time to Appreciate our Loving Teachers

Let's celebrate and honour our teachers for their special contributions to children's lives and learning. Ideas on what to give to show your appreciation. 


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